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Dear Pope County Community Members,

We need your help. Arrowleaf (formerly known as Family Counseling Center) has received a grant to address substance misuse in Pope & Hardin Counties & we are currently conducting surveys throughout the month of April in an attempt to learn how we can improve our responses to this critical issue. Our surveys address the community’s current understanding of substance use disorder which, in turn, will help us to determine how we can improve our prevention, treatment, & recovery services. If you choose to take this 10-15 min. online survey (see link below), we want to thank you for your participation & for helping our agency to better assist our community members to thrive, through physical & mental health, & reach their full potential.

Cammy Duggins
Arrowleaf Community Advocate

Help us reach our goal of 750 survey responses so that we can better serve you!

Pope County Community Members

If you consider yourself a community member of Pope County or work/receive services in Pope County, please take this survey:
*This survey, and the one we are conducting in Hardin Co., are funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration, and are being conducted by the Center for Rural Health and Social Service Development at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine.

March 8, 2021

Dear Parent/Guardian,

As we have navigated through this school year, we have realized how valuable Remote Learning Days have been for our teachers and remote learning students. This additional time to devote to Remote Learners has increased our ability to provide more effective instruction to those students. In order to meet the needs of our remote learners and our teaching staff we will be changing our schedule for the fourth quarter to allow for more instructional time for our remote only learners.

The following changes will be made during the second semester (March-May):
Friday March 19th: Remote Learning Day (No In-Person Instruction)
Friday March 26th: Remote Learning Day (No In-Person Instruction)
Friday April 9th: Remote Learning Day (No In-Person Instruction)
Friday April 16th: Remote Learning Day (No In-Person Instruction)
Friday April 23rd: Remote Learning Day (No In-Person Instruction)
Friday April 30th: Remote Learning Day (No In-Person Instruction)
Friday May 7th: Remote Learning Day (No In-Person Instruction)
Friday May 14th: Remote Learning Day (No In-Person Instruction)
Friday May 21st: Remote Learning Day (No In-Person Instruction)

All students will be remote learning on these days. In-person learners will be given assignments on the previous day to complete on these days.
Making changes to our schedule is not something that we take lightly. We understand the difficulty it places on parents/guardians when it comes to employment, child care, etc. We appreciate your understanding of our situation as we strive to provide the best education possible to all of our students.

May 14th- 8th Grade Promotion 5:00pm
May 15th- High School Graduation 5:00pm
(Details involving promotion/graduation will be announced closer to the events so we can have the latest guidance from IDPH)
Last day of student attendance will be May 27th.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the school offices.
Pope County Administrative Team

Pirate LogoAttention PC Basketball Fans!!
Click the link below to watch our Pirate Basketball Games on our Youtube channel


As we have started this new basketball season under COVID restrictions we have been working hard at providing a live stream that would allow us to broadcast the games to all parents/guardians, grandparents, and fans of Pope County Basketball. The following is an outline of the format we will be using to bring the action to you:

1. All home games will be broadcasted via YouTube Live. You will find this on the YouTube app under our Pope County Athletics channel. You can find a direct link to this on our school website at popek12.org and on our school social media platforms.

2. All away games will be recorded and uploaded as soon as possible to our YouTube channel.

3. For all away games we will post a link on our social media to the opposing schools live stream so you may watch the game in real time as well. Most all of our opposing schools are live streaming their games as well. Some are using Facebook Live and some are using a YouTube channel. You may also find those schools streams by searching for them within the app.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me anytime.
Ryan Fritch
Superintendent- Pope County CUSD #1

The PC School District is following the IDPH updated guidelines on sending or keeping your student home when symptoms occur. Click the link below for the updated guidance on COVID-19 symptoms.

Updated 1/4/21
COVID-19 INTERIM EXCLUSION GUIDANCE Decision Tree for Symptomatic Individuals in Pre-K, K-12 Schools and Day Care Programs

Letter from the Superintendent's Office:


Dear Parent/Guardian,

As you know during the past week the Illinois Department of Public Health and Governor’s office have adjusted their All-Sport guidance to allow for basketball competition to begin within our COVID region. This week we have formed teams and have begun practicing as well. Next week, junior high basketball begins their first competitive games. With this comes several questions about how the season will logistically work. I would like to highlight some of that information:

1. Due to the IDPH requirement of 30 feet of space required between the playing surface and the 50 allowable spectators, we will not be allowed to have fans/spectators in our gym under the current guidelines. Our east gym wall is only approximately 15 feet from the court sideline. If these guidelines change in the future, then we will adapt to those changes as well.

2. There will be no visiting fans allowed at opposing schools either. Some of our opposing schools have gyms big enough to allow for the 30 feet of required space and are allowing only 50 home fans to be in attendance.

3. Cheerleaders will only be allowed at home contests, and they must cheer from the stage.

4. Boys and Girls basketball seasons are set for junior high. On Wednesday 1/27/21 the IHSA is going to announce the playing seasons for boys and girls basketball. We will get those schedules out as soon as possible as well.

5. LIVESTREAM- We are currently exploring options of streaming all Junior High and High School basketball games, both home and away. More information will be forthcoming as we finalize these plans.

6. All IDPH/IHSA guidelines will be followed by our school to ensure the safety of all of our student athletes during this time.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me at any time.

Ryan Fritch
Pope County CUSD #1


COVID-19 Guidance Letter

Parent Letter for Free Breakfast and Lunch
Form for Free Breakfast and Lunch

Parent Letter Schedule Change
Pope County CUSD # 1

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Please follow the following guidelines if you or a member of your household have been tested for suspected COVID 19.

IDPH Requirements:

If one of the household members is being evaluated for COVID-19, the rest of the household must be quarantined until an alternative diagnosis is made or negative result is received. If the suspected case becomes a confirmed case then Southern 7 Health Department will place household contacts, including siblings, in quarantine for 14 calendar days. The health department will provide guidance on how to safely quarantine and isolate within the household.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the school at 618-683-2301.


Pope Co Administrative Team

Remote Learning Information for Elementary/Jr. High Parents: Remote learning will begin Monday, August 24th.

You should receive a call from your child’s teacher. You will be asked if your child is participating with online learning or packets.
Those with online learning will be instructed how to access the information. If your student needs a packet, please make arrangements to pick up your student’s work each Monday.

Pick up times will be:

When you arrive at the school, call the office 618-683-4011 ext 2. State that you are out front and need the remote learning materials. Give your child’s name and grade. Then describe your car, in case there is more than one parent at a time.

A runner will bring your child’s packet and any textbooks needed. No need to leave your vehicle or ring the doorbell.

The following Monday, you will need to return the completed materials in the packet, and pick up a new packet of that week’s work. The curriculum will be graded and students are expected to complete work “on time”.

Return to School Plan
To view the plan, click on the link above


  1. Parents may choose between in person and remote learning for their children
  2. Students will be enrolled in Remote Learning by Quarter (9 weeks). If Remote Learning is chosen, the student will remain in Remote Learning until the end of the quarter. At the end of the quarter (9 weeks) the parent will have the option for their child to remain in Remote Learning or to attend In-Person.

In Person Learning:

  1. All persons inside must have on a face mask/covering
  2. Daily symptom checks will be performed by school personnel or required parent/guardian daily certification.
  3. Maintain social distancing as much as possible
  4. Outside mask breaks will be provided during the day
  5. No more than 50 in a space
  6. Emphasis will be placed on good hygiene practices
  7. Routine of daily high traffic area cleaning and nighttime disinfecting

Remote Learning:

  1. Curriculum will be as demanding as in-person learning and similar in nature
  2. Assignments will have due dates and need to be turned in on time
  3. Grades will count towards student’s GPA and Cumulative Record and will be assigned letter grades
  4. Platform of delivery will be online (ex. Google Classroom) or packets that will be picked up and returned to the school

Registration Dates:

Elementary and High School will both have registration on August 5th, 6th, and 7th. You must register your student and indicate if you wish for your child to attend In-Person or receive Remote Learning instruction. All applicable fees and requirements will be required if enrolling as In-Person or Remote Learning (i.e. Dental Exams, Physicals, Immunizations, etc.) Time extensions will be granted due to the difficulty of scheduling appointments during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Schedules and Important Information:

School Buildings open at 7:45- The doors will not be opened until this time to ensure all students will be supervised.

Students report directly to their classroom (elementary) or 1st hour class (Junior High and High School)

Upon arrival to their classroom, students will be screened for symptoms of COVID-19. If you do not wish for your student to be screened you must send a note daily that certifies that you (parent/guardian) have checked them for COVID 19 symptoms and assure that they are symptom free. A list of symptoms will be provided at registration.

Upon screening for symptoms students will then be served breakfast in the classroom, attendance taken, and breakfast count for the next day will be collected. Bathroom and Handwashing time will also be provided at this time. A normal school schedule will be followed during the school day. Adjustments have been made to lunch times to help ensure student safety and social distancing.


This earlier dismissal is to allow teachers adequate preparation time to address the needs of in person and remote learners.

First Day of School, August 14th, dismissal at 2:00 pm. 


Pope County CUSD #1
Remote Learning Day
Created March 30th 2020 in Response to the Statewide School Closure

Remote Learning Day (RLD) is intended to provide meaningful learning experiences for Pope County students when school is canceled. Parents and students are encouraged to integrate the following strategies into their RLD time:

  • Establish a quiet learning space and remove distractions to learning.
  • Create a routine for doing school work.
  • Review the online work and/or RLD Packet that needs to be completed.

Policies for an Remote Learning Day

Updates: The policies for RLD are designed to minimize the disruption to learning during this time of closure.

  • Remote Learning will begin on Tuesday, April 14th as declared by Dr. Carmen Ayala, State Superintendent of Education.
  • Since learning is occurring for students during the RLD, these days will count as a student attendance day and will not be made up at the end of the school year. Also, all previous Act of God days are counted as well.
  • Teachers will be available via email, Google Classroom, Zoom Meetings and other acceptable forms of communication between the hours of 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. The remainder of the day will be used for planning.
  • It is an expectation for all students to continue learning during this unprecedented time. Learning opportunities will NOT negatively impact student grades. The grading system will be Pass or Incomplete at the end of this period. Requirements have been adjusted to meet the recommendations of the Illinois State Board of Education. All students have extended time, opportunities to correct, etc. Teachers may continue to manage and post in their online gradebooks for student feedback, but the grading policy is Pass/Incomplete meaning if effort is put forth, a Pass grade will be given. We understand this is not ideal. Please do what you can do during this stressful time.

Instructional Delivery

  • Lessons will be delivered through online means: Examples- Google Classroom/Hangouts, Class Dojo, Remind, Zoom, etc.
  • Instructional packets mailed to students home.

Instructional delivery will be determined by the individual teachers, parents/guardians, and students working together to identify individual student needs.

Students with Individual Education Plans (IEP)

  • Pope County Special Education Teachers are following student plans and delivering each student’s planned minutes and/or program during this time remotely in the manner best suited for each student’s unique learning needs.


  • Pope County CUSD #1 will be using the recommendations set forth by ISBE for all core subjects.
  • Pre K:                      20-60 minutes/per day
  • Kindergarten:        30-90 minutes/per day
  • 1st & 2nd:                45-90 minutes/per day
  • 3rd-5th:                    60-120 minutes/per day
  • 6th-8th:                    90-180 minutes/per day     (Subject Area- 30 minutes/per day)
  • 9th-12th:                  120-270 minutes/per day    (Subject Area- 45 minutes/per day)

Parent Letter from A of L


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