First Bench has Arrived

Recycled Bench
Posted on 10/25/2017
Bench for playgroundWe are working with Greentree Plastics, located in Evansville and their ABC Promise Partnership to secure benches for the playground. Greentree Plastics uses recycled plastic lids and caps to create benches and picnic tables. Our school has been collecting lids and caps since August. The students are helping to sort and weight the lids before transport to Greentree. At this point, we have delivered a little over 600 pounds of lids to Greentree. We have our first bench and are in the process of collecting for two more benches. We will be placing these benches near the new trees on the playground. It is our hope, through these improvements, to provide a shady area for our students to enjoy during recess as well as creating an outdoor classroom area for science classes.