Mrs. Threlkeld - 2nd Grade

  • Please remember to check backpacks everyday.
  • Monday - Your student will bring home a spelling list and a reading vocabulary list.  (Tuesday if it's a holiday)
  • Tuesday - Your child will bring home a reading assignment.
  • Thursday - We will have a trial spelling test.  If you make a 100 on Thursday you will not have to take the test again on Friday.
  • Friday - We have a reading test and a final spelling test.

April 25-29

Reading this week:  The School Mural

Vocabulary Words:  event     mural     pride     project     sketches     scene

*Please read at home.  

Spelling Words:   
 liked    hoping    baked    using    chased    making    closed    hiding    named    riding

Challenge Words:  teasing     decided

Dictation:  I baked a cake.
              We chased the kids.
              The boy was named Bob.

* The A/R program will last until the end of school. Remember, it is a grade for reading once every nine weeks. It is also an independent activity.

*Remember to read your library book several times.  Then, return it to school.  You will take a test over that book on the computer.

*Our library day is always on Tuesday.

*Also, remember you can practice math and language arts skills on IXL at home if you have internet access.

*Our P.E. day is always on Thursday.  Wear tennis shoes.