Mrs. Ferrell's First Grade

ferrellHello My Name Is...

Mrs. Patty Ferrell

We have been very busy in first grade. We finally received our first of several hardback reading books. Our first theme is All Together Now and our first story is Mac the Cat. We will be focusing on short a words like cat, mat, sat, and pat. We will continue to send home paper books to be read together, signed, and returned to school. Also, your child will be bringing home a sight word list home each week to go over nightly. You child will be asked on Friday to come to my desk and read the words to me for a grade. 
We have also started A.R. otherwise known as Accelerated Reader. It is a way for your child to improve in reading fluency and comprehension. Your child will have the opportunity to check out first grade level books each week from the library. I suggest that you read the book to and with your child at least 3 times before your child tests on the book. The tests are completed at school and on the computer. Most of the books have the option of having the test questions and answers read to your child. So far the kids are loving it and are doing great.
We will be officially starting spelling in a couple of weeks. We are going to try a new curriculum in first grade that is computer based called Spelling City. I used it in third grade and loved it. You will have access to all of the lists from home. Your child will be able to take practice tests and play games that use the words that will be on the weekly test. Tests will be taken at school on the computer. 

Reminder: Book orders due Sept. 9th